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Snorkeling in Benidorm

Immerse yourself in the rich marine biodiversity of Benidorm.

The crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean hide secrets waiting to be discovered. Here are some of the best snorkeling sites in the area:

  • Cala Tío Ximo: A quiet cove perfect for beginners where you can see a variety of fish and maybe even an octopus.
  • Cala Almadrava: More than a snorkeling spot, it is a window to an underwater world full of colorful corals and a great diversity of marine life.
  • Cala del Mal Pas: Accessible from the beach of the same name, this cove is known for its transparent water and the variety of species it shelters.
  • Benidorm Island: A short boat trip will take you to this island, famous among snorkelers for its seabed full of life.

Where will you stay?

Why Our Apartments Are Your Ideal Base?

  • Nearby Location: Easy access to the best coves and snorkeling spots.
  • Relaxation Assured: Modern facilities to relax after a day under the sea.
  • Expert Advice: We offer information, snorkeling site maps and recommendations to make your snorkeling experience exceptional.

Our accommodations

  • Maryciel Apartments: Enjoy the pool to practice your floating skills before venturing out to sea.
  • Buenos Aires Apartments: Overlooking the ocean, you'll find yourself inspired to explore what lies beneath the waves.
  • Amalia Apartments: Feel rejuvenated in our spa after a day of underwater exploration.
  • Trebol One Apartaments: Its central location gives you easy access to stores where you can buy or rent your snorkeling gear.

Plan Your Water Adventure

To enjoy the experience you must...

  • Select Your Apartment and Snorkel Point: When booking, choose the place where you want to dive and the apartment you prefer.
  • Plot your route and pack your bags: Always keep in mind your safety and proper equipment.
  • Prepare the Fins: Just pack your snorkel gear or plan to rent one here!

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