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Villajoyosa: Sweet Discovery

For chocolate and culture lovers, MC Alojamientos has created an experience that will allow you to immerse yourself in the world of cocoa while enjoying the comfort of our apartments in Costera del Mar.

The soul of Denia

For those looking for a trip that combines cultural discovery with the comfort of a high quality stay, MC Alojamientos has something special to offer. Explore the rich museums and archaeological sites of Denia while enjoying all the luxury and amenities that our Soul Beach Hotel has to offer.

Discover Benidorm step by step

Welcome adventurers and nature lovers. If you thought Benidorm only offered beaches and nightlife, get ready for a surprise: the city and its surroundings are a hiking paradise.

Delve into the depths of Benidorm

If you are fascinated by the underwater world as much as the comfort of a good stay, we have the perfect experience for you. Benidorm is known for its beautiful beaches, but few know that it is also an excellent place for snorkeling.

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